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The Foundry Entertains: Put on a Spread

The Foundry Entertains: Put on a Spread When it comes to entertaining, sometimes you want to pull out all the stops: Creamy nests of homemade pasta. Perfect pours of a special sip, made to order. Tiny soufflés. Any sauce that has an -aise at the end of it. One Foundry Family member likes to make "latkes eggs benedict" brunch for 20, which has the labor-intensive-triple-whammy of making and frying latkes, poaching 40 eggs at once, and whipping up an -aise, holland. WHEW! While we certainly love challenging ourselves to up the ante on our entertaining game (and these end-all-be-all party show-stoppers are, indeed, absolutely wonderful) SOMETIMES you just want to have a few people over and not stress about it, right?

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