Shop Journal

Banishing Winter Blahs

Banishing Winter Blahs As we're approaching (what we hope is) the last gasp of chill days and long nights, now, more than ever, we are leaning in to ways to beat the winter blahs. We asked you: How do YOU beat the winter blues? And (because you are the literal best) your answers did not disappoint.

Grateful, Thankful, and Giving Back

Grateful, Thankful, and Giving Back This is a season of abundance and grace. We are reminded to give thanks, to celebrate the bounty of our tables, the blessings of warmth and home and security, and to celebrate the great gifts of being present in this big and beautiful world alongside the humans (and animals) that we love so dearly. Every year we partake in a wonderful, simple Thanksgiving ritual: we name the things for which we are truly grateful. Every time, this list always comes down not to things but to people. 

All in the (Foundry) Family: Meet Susannah

All in the (Foundry) Family: Meet Susannah While adorable dogs, the magical smell of beeswax candles, and oodles of gorgeous glassware are pretty darn nice, the thing that REALLY makes The Foundry feel like home is our family. While well-made objects of beauty and use make the daily rhythms of life more pleasant + effortless, like in any home, it's the people inside that really make it glow. Since not all of you live within striking distance of our real-life shop, we wanted to bring a little Foundry Family magic your way (if we close our eyes and *wish* it will almost be like we all live together on the same block).