The Foundry Home Goods

We're a bunch of humans (and a few sweet pups) dedicated to sourcing simple, useful, and beautiful objects for the home. You can find us in real life at our beloved shop in the Tangletown neighborhood of Minneapolis or right here in the wonderful wilds of the internet.
We believe in beauty in utility, in the powerful magic of creating a sense of place, and keeping our special spaces clean + bright using well-made, thoughtfully designed goods and tools.

We encourage a non-disposable lifestyle and celebrate living with fewer, better things.

We love beeswax candlelight, clear mornings, crisp linens, golden hour light, long dinner parties, short stories, good cocktails, pretty plates, fresh flowers, little vases, big magic, and making a home that is full to the brim with noise and quiet, plants and animals, love and light (and perhaps a few more beautiful cleaning brushes than is technically necessary). We hope that you do too.
Who is The Foundry Family?

You're lucky to catch owner Anna (long blonde hair, occasional crown braid wearer, shop-dog-mama) in the shop these days, but when she is here you can find her arranging (and re-arranging) flowers in her favorite giant glass vases. Lillian (wavy brown hair, roommate of occasional-shop-dog, Detective) is the shop manager and all-around Foundry team captain. Adam ("young Anderson Cooper" according to Lillian's mom) is our resident actor and keeps us all in a good mood. Erin (shoulder-length bob + cool glasses, legendary backyard party-thrower) makes sure that our systems are streamlined and shipshape. Mara (long, light brown hair, dark horse master woodcrafter) is our newest and youngest Foundry family member. Zach (short, dark hair, occasional wearer of beards, resident bicycle ninja) is our photographer-at-large and is always magically appearing exactly when/where you need him. Susannah, our wordsmith (long brown hair, habitual postcard writer, lover of all swimming holes) can be found at her computer or busy in her beeyard. And, of course, there's Ruby, the original shopdog who shows us how to balance any(and every)thing on our heads and her youngest protégé, Turnip, who loves all-night dance parties and all-day naps.
If you have any questions at all, just get in touch:


by phone: 612.333.8484 Come by and see us:

322 West 48th Street
(48th and Grand)
Minneapolis, MN

by email: info@foundryhg.com