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Watercolor 101: Exploring Meditative Color For Beginners

Watercolor 101: Exploring Meditative Color For Beginners The Foundry universe contains multitudes. Some of us are "Artists" with a capital A. Some of us love to pick up a brush and play with color and texture when the mood (or the need to send out a few color-washed "thank you" postcards) strikes. Some of us stand, awe-struck and filled with deep longing, in the intensely pleasing infinite-rainbow-stocked aisles of our local art supply store wondering "but, really, what IS gesso??" before walking quietly back to the fancy journaling pens with a sigh.

The Art Of Letterpress

The Art Of Letterpress Our love affair with the handwritten note is both long standing and well documented, eternal and boundless. In our humble opinion, there is no better way to connect (or re-connect) with yourself or your heart-people, to share and magnify gratitude, to show love, or to make space for contemplative moments in your own day than sitting down to write a note. The only thing that *might* be better is receiving a handwritten note your own self!

Just Delivered: Bellocq Teas

Just Delivered: Bellocq Teas Our newest shipment of marvelous, surprising, delicious, and ever-so-slightly-esoteric loose leaf teas from Bellocq arrived at the *exact* moment we happened to find ourselves in need of a real buck-up-and-carry-on-style pick-me up.

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