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Are your products locally made?

Many of our shop favorites come from artists, weavers, beekeepers, leather crafters, ceramicists, and woodworkers based in the greater Minneapolis area. We love our Minnesota-based products! In fact, quite a few of our shop exclusives come when we dream something up that we can't find in the world at large and ask our brilliant local community of artisans to make something juuust for us.

We also source products from near and far—Woolen blankets loomed on the windswept western tip of Prince Edward Island, Sheepskins from our brother-in-law's family sheep farm in Vermont, Scandinavian dishbrushes crafted by visually impaired artists in Sweden, West African textiles hand made and dyed deep Indigo in the centuries old village tradition, ingenious nesting Japanese ceramics and Onsen-approved towels, hand-blown Mexican glassware, traditional Belgian linens—the list goes on and on. Basically, we've looked high and low to find the most beautifully practical and practically beautiful things made by real people from all over the world.

Want to learn more about our artists and artisans? Check out our "How It's Made" profiles on our Foundry Journal.
Your shop always smells fantastic. What is that and how do I get it?

The heavenly top-note is the 100% all natural smell of our beeswax. This is exactly what beeswax smells like coming out of the hive, equal parts honey and magic. The rest is a blend of cedar and sage from our herb bundles, some lavender oil we have scattered around the shop for a calm moment, fresh air, pressed linens, the occasional bouquet of fresh flowers, probably a subtle bottom note of coffee, and the tiniest hint of ever-so-slightly-in-need-of-a-bath-dog. If you want to replicate the scent exactly, Ruby will do house calls for treats.

How do I care for my goods?

We specifically select items that are both beautiful, durable, and made to last. As with most things, though, a little TLC can make your special stuff last longer, work harder, and look better. Hand-washing will ensure that glasses, ceramics, textiles, woodenware, and metallics will have the longest possible life span, but, let's be honest, we often throw our cocktail glasses in the dishwasher and our Japanese towels in the dryer (which, miracle of miracles, makes them even fluffier). Care instructions for most items can be found on our website, but if you have specific questions about your beloveds, just ask.

Similarly, if you have general existential questions about the best way to polish brass or how to keep your wooden spoons fresher longer check out our Foundry Journal entries on the matter. If you don't see what you're looking for, don't hesitate to be in touch. We totally love to chat about that kind of stuff.

How often do you get new stuff?

All the time! New parcels are delivered weekly. Multiple times a week, even. If you pop in and see us in the store, chances are you'll find us surrounded by brown paper in the middle of a happy dance after opening some awesome just-arrived mystery parcel. We're working to get that new goodness up online as fast as possible, but in the meantime if you're curious about our most recent special deliveries, give us a call or just stop by.

There are some tried-and-true favorites that we always keep in stock (ahem, beeswax) but if you're looking for a specific thing, let us know and we'll see if we can get our hands on it for you!
Who is The Foundry Family?

We're a small-and-mighty crew of humans (and a few sweet pups) dedicated to sourcing simple, useful, and beautiful objects for the home. You can find us in real life at our beloved shop in the Tangletown neighborhood of Minneapolis or right here in the wonderful wilds of the internet. Read more about The Foundry Family over on the journal.

Do you have a newsletter?

We do indeed, though we rarely send emails (and when we do, they're good... we promise). If you want to be on the list, you can sign up right on the bottom of this very page. Realtime shop updates, news, info, and up-to-the-minute reports on what we're currently all coveting can be found, of course, on Instagram. @thefoundryhomegoods is Anna's report on what's happening in the lovely Foundry world and @thefoundryfamily is our staff account. *warning* must love dogs.


I want to send someone a present. Can you wrap it and include a note?

Yes, yes, and yes. We love presents and surprises and thoughtfulness. If you're shopping online, just include a little note when you're checking out. All of our online orders are fulfilled by real live humans right here in the shop, so we can take care of whatever you've got in mind. 

Similarly, we love being a part of people's sweet plans so if you have an idea for something special, give us a call in the shop (612.333.8484) and we'll be more than happy to grease the wheels (or be secret agents) in any lovely scheme you've dreamed up. No plan too silly, no experience too small to cherish.

Do you do registries?

We do. Beginning a new life together, bringing a new life into the world, or embarking on a new life chapter are all wonderful times to celebrate with the requisite stuff that make those transitions lovelier + happier. As of now we make our registries manually and they mostly live in-store (which also lets us help you choose the exact right things and ooh and ahh over how exciting it all is) so if you're in the greater Minneapolis area and want help putting something together, get in touch and we'll try our darndest to make it happen for you.


What's your shipping + return policy?

Click right here for the details, friend! If you have any questions about order status, shipping, or returns feel free to drop us a line here: [email protected].


What is your privacy policy?

We never ever (ever) share any of your information with anyone. We promise.

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