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Celebrating Light + Intention: Solstice Altars

Celebrating Light + Intention: Solstice Altars We are no strangers to ritual attunements. We believe in the daily grounding magic found all around us in the humblest of things...from the way our bodies themselves feel fruitful after spending time working the earth in our gardens to the pure satisfaction of a clean kitchen after a beautiful meal. The call to connect ourselves to the world around us is deeply human. 

100 Words On... Beeswax Hand and Body Balm

100 Words On... Beeswax Hand and Body Balm A short'n'sweet Foundry Family hot-take love-letter to a single, perfect object/item/obsession. This week, 100 Words On... our beloved Beeswax Hand and Body Balm. While we're all looking to salve our hearts and souls this season, let us not neglect our hard-working hands (and elbows, cuticles, head, shoulders, knees, toes and any other part in need of some love):

Banishing Winter Blahs

Banishing Winter Blahs As we're approaching (what we hope is) the last gasp of chill days and long nights, now, more than ever, we are leaning in to ways to beat the winter blahs. We asked you: How do YOU beat the winter blues? And (because you are the literal best) your answers did not disappoint.

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