How To: Build The Perfect Cleaning Kit

How To: Build The Perfect Cleaning Kit

Whether you are the type of householder who thrives on comprehensive annotated rotating chore charts ("It's the second Sunday, time to tackle these baseboards!") or the kind of person who must blitzkrieg clean the dirty zone when you happen to notice it's dirty ("Oh, hi spotty mirror. BYE spotty mirror!"), one thing is true: tidying up is easier when your dedicated cleaning favorites are all in one place.

The concept of keeping like-minded cleanly friends together and at hand may not be inherently revolutionary (after all, who hasn't quietly marveled at the rolling compartmentalized efficiency of the hotel housekeeping cart?) but the feeling of having a Cleaning Kit on hand and ready to deploy is the next best thing to having a dedicated staff of chipmunks and chickadees at the ready.

As with everything, what goes into your own Cleaning Kit has as much to do with your personal preferences as the vagaries of your space: one Foundry family member discovered the transformative power of keeping TWO separate Cleaning Kits—one that lives upstairs and has the stuff for bathrooms/tubs and one that lives downstairs, locked and loaded with the goods to tackle the finicky dining room table and the silver.

For those looking to stock their own Cleaning Kit and wondering where to start, we've put together a collection of Ruby's all-star favorite bummer-free powerhouse cleaning essentials. See her faves here (chipmunks and chickadees just out of frame): 


- Round Knit Scrubbers: for little messes and precision-tackling small spots that might benefit from some non-abrasive elbow grease.

- Copper Cleaning Cloth: for really tough grime!

- Goat Hair Dust Brush: for maximum swoosh and floof. This one is a game changer.

- Beeswax Wood Polish: for revitalizing all manner of scuffed or tired woodens.

- Tea Tree All Purpose Spray: for basically everything. While we don't *love* it for glass (find our preferred window cleaner recipe here), we spray this ethically produced, sustainably sourced, powerhouse cleaning spritz on literally everything else. Kiddoes also love using it (yet another tick in the "pro" column for natural, bummer-free cleaning supplies!). It's also available by the ounce for local bulk refills.

- Big Knit Scrubbers: for hefty messes that might require a little more chutzpah and absorbent prowess.

- Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: sustainably hand-made in the USA, these are designed to be used dry or with water only. They are AMAZING. Suitable for glasses, screens, and everything else that gets schmutzy.

- Classic Scrub Brush: for anything that needs scrubbing! These suds up SO nicely (though we also secretly love them dry for reinvigorating sheepskins or spot-buffing dirty paw prints off the entry rug).

- German Cleaning Cloths: our beloved trusty antidote to using an entire roll of paper towels in one go. Soft, scrubby, and wildly absorbent, these are suitable for everything and infinitely washable and reusable.

All stored in an perfectly totable, easy-itself-to-clean powder coated steel Utility Tote. Or, for pint-sized messes (or storage situations) the littler version can pack a mighty punch too.

Break the whole shebang out to tackle mini-messes or maxi-maintenance and then stick it back under the sink when you're done. Easy as that.


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