Goats In The City 2017

Goats In The City 2017

Is it the best day of the year? Maybe!!

Once every Spring our friend Louise loans us a few goat kids for the day. These are from the same family of goats that Anna had on her farm as a kid, so we know they'll always be game for a little shop shenanigans.


This year it was rainy and cold on Goats in the City day, so thought, why not have them inside the shop?? No regrets here, it was a blast! These little 2 week old kids, Brie & Cheddar, were running in circles with Ruby, nibbling our price tags and jumping on our little "goat platform". It was fantastic!


Here are some of our favorite photos from last week's #goatsinthecity event. Thanks to Michael Chambers and Lauren Schneck for letting us use a few of their great shots too!


Anna + Lillian with Brie + Cheddar


Lauren Schneck 1


Adam & Anna




Michael Chambers 1


Michael Chambers 2


Lauren Schneck 2









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