Stay Cozy: Anna's Hot Toddy Recipe

Stay Cozy: Anna's Hot Toddy Recipe

Perhaps it's the crunching of fallen leaves underfoot transitioning to the soft hush of falling show, or it's the smell of woodsmoke and clove rich in the air...

Maybe it's the darkness which, when it comes at 4:30pm, basically requires an endless supply of beeswax candles to be trimmed, lit, and kept burning at all times, or maybe it's the abiding warmth of the fresh deliveries of soft, thistle-scented woolen blankets that keep pouring in from Scotland and Nova Scotia (and that we can't help but nuzzling into by the armload)... whatever it is, we are feeling snug as bugs in rugs. The only thing that could possibly make us feel even cozier? One of Anna's legendary Hot Toddies, of course. Ahhhhhh, that's the stuff!


As with most things "Anna" (read more about that here) it's less of a "recipe" per se, and more of a loose collection of general guidelines on how to do things right. More ginger, less lemon, more honey, less whiskey... tweak to your preferences, break out your favorite mug, put on some music (this is our current required-Hot-Toddy-Listening-Soundtrack), and stay cozy!


Anna's Hot Toddy

- Grab your favorite teapot and steep a ton of tea. An herbal tea with cinnamon or ginger type profiles are especially lovely (and be sure to use enough to make it strong!). We love Bellocq's Afghani Chai and Hindu Holiday.

- and/or: add orange bitters, a little splash of lemon juice, a bit of fresh grated or powdered ginger, (sometimes we buy a fresh pressed gingery/detox juice from the grocery or our buddies at Truce and use that in place of the squeeze of lemon juice and ginger. The detox juices have a a lot of ginger-power and lemon-power too plus usually something built-in for sweetness).

- and/or: throw in some good medicine from Wooden Spoon Herbs (Anna has frequently been quoted as saying that anything can be cured with a combination of tea, tinctures and labradors).

- and/or: we also love adding a splash of one of June Taylor's exquisite small-batch Still Room syrups.

- and/or: add a splash of apple cider or honey... maybe other things if they're around. Definitely adjust to taste! Anna doesn't like them as sweet (and the June Taylor syrups have just the right amount of sweetness) so she tends to hold back on the honey.

- and/or: finally, if you're feeling it ... add whiskey!



PS - wondering about that little carrying tote? It's one of our favorites. Cleaning supplies, school supplies, art supplies... sure those are all worthy uses. But nothing beats a cocktail-bar-to-go! 


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