100 Words On... Beeswax Hand and Body Balm

100 Words On... Beeswax Hand and Body Balm

A short'n'sweet Foundry Family hot-take love-letter to a single, perfect object/item/obsession. This week, 100 Words On... our beloved Beeswax Hand and Body Balm. While we're all looking to salve our hearts and souls this season, let us not neglect our hard-working hands (and elbows, cuticles, head, shoulders, knees, toes and any other part in need of some love):

This is THE stuff. A deep-nourishing hand and body balm whipped up in small batches by our friend Beekeeper Kate just for us. The beautiful, plastic-free hexagon apiary jar (or its smaller tinned companions, perfect for travel or bedside) holds an ingenious blend of moisturizing coconut oil, rich grapeseed oil, and 100% pure, all-natural beeswax, ready for slathering on our dry and creaky precious bodies in a brief and essential daily ritual of self-love. The moment when the mystical alchemy warms to your body and relaxes into the skin is a metaphor for everything, really: take good care, let go.


Shop Beeswax Hand and Body Balm Here.


Foundry Note: This stuff, alongside its kitchen counterpart: our 100% all-natural beeswax Wood Polish is so ubiquitous in our households that one one occasion a visiting Foundry Mother, accustomed to salving her hands with the Body Balm, accidentally slathered them with the Wood Polish instead. But hey, guess what, NO PROBLEM! Another benefit to choosing all-natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, human-made household goods: it is completely fine if your mother accidentally treats her hands as if they're made of wood (which, she claimed afterwards, they basically are). 



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