May: Riding The Rollercoaster

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May: Riding The Rollercoaster

April Showers *Might* Bring May Flowers...if you're in Zone 7. For those of us teetering between a hopeful 4b (but more like a 4a, let's be real), April might have instead brought frosty mornings, some exceptionally cold drizzle, and actual literal ice (oh come ON already)...until this week we were literally looking at frosty mornings. Then BLAMMO! It feels like summer!

When it was cold, that might have manifested for you in not putting away your warmest layer just yet or a delay in the arrival of expected friends like the crocus or forsythia and when it got warm you *may* have been like WHEW! Feels nice! End of story. Out at the farm, the difference and impact of weeks of chill followed by a quick warming is a little more acute. The cause-and-effect of one or two extremely warm days can literally be the difference between radishes or no radishes (spoiler alert: there will be radishes).

This is something we are loving about the CSA. We are usually attuned to what's growing on out at the farm by what we are tasked with chopping for dinner when we visit or what blossoms arrive on our tables when Lisa or KP breeze by the shop, but with the CSA we are absolutely plugged in to what the weather might mean for what's in the ground—down to the day. It's an amazing relational awareness that has brought our interconnectivity to the earth and elements more into presence for us in a way that we are very into...we're hope you're into it too!

So. What's going on out at the farm is the saving grace of these wild shoulder seasons: the little glimpses of thrilling warm-weather what-might-be are just beginning to tilt towards stardust and strawberries. Greenhouse seedlings are making way to big greening rhubarbs, the dark and luscious soil was sleeping and now it has awakened to receive the bounty of seeds, and—of course—this means the evenings are basically begging us to come outside to break bread and make merry.

You know what that means: it's high time to spruce up the joint.

The idea of "Spring Cleaning" isn't at all new, novel, or particularly surprising—Persian, Jewish, and Chinese cultures all have codified spring cleaning rituals going back thousands of years, and we imagine that early hunter-gatherers certainly aired out their musky furs as soon as the very first sign of tender greens began to appear, indistinct like a greening mist along the landscape. It's the same connective awareness of the relationship of what's going on in the cosmos to the practical of what we do in our dailies that we've so been enjoying celebrating this season.

Accordingly, May's share is all about the spring clean. With the right tools, the yearly ritual becomes (dare we say?) oddly actually deeply satisfying. Tucked into your shares this month you'll find a full complement of our favorite cleaning brushes, some of the best powerhouse, all-natural, zero-waste cleaning potions to try, and a few of the more esoteric tools that have been the biggest game changers in our cleaning arsenal, the kind filed under "you didn't know how much you were missing it until you had it". From the farm you'll be getting more gorgeous eggs, tender microgreens, and the season's first spicy + exquisite radishes.

Happy May, Members, may your hands be sufficiently occupied AND may your home-zones become spic-and-span just in time for the almost-here-so-close-we-can-smell-it bounty of flowers and ripeness that is just around the corner...after all, that's the real trick of this moment. 

In community,
Anna, Lisa, Ruby, Oak, and the whole Foundry Family + Two Pony Crew


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