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The Foundry At Home: A Very Cozy Ritual

The Foundry At Home: A Very Cozy Ritual The early darkness. The unexpected flurries. The stunning architecture of strength revealed when summer's trees finally slip out of their party clothes and let their guards down. As the season winds down to its deepest primal essences (much like the rich, hearty broths we try and keep bubbling on the stove), so do we.

Reading Recipes: Cozy Shortbread from "Redwall"

Reading Recipes: Cozy Shortbread from "Redwall" We—like so many of you in our Foundry Family too—are lovers of books. Always and forever since our very first run-in with our beloved children's librarian (hi, Miss Altshuler), we've had our noses pressed into pages, sucked, vortex-style, head-over-heels, into rich worlds, both far-flung or cozily adjacent to our own. Books feed our souls, nourish our spirits, and whet our appetites—literally and figuratively.

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