Copper Cleaning Cloth Scrubber

Article number: T2-23-F-02729
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This double sided copper-threaded cleaning cloth is as hard working as it is perfectly sensitive. A warp of interwoven drawn copper threads give major scrubbing chutzpah without scratching fine china and glassware while a slender synthetic weft gives ultimate flexibility and makes it easy to rinse clean. Plus, it looks so much nicer chilling sinkside than that ratty green scrubber cloth that's been kicking around for forever.

Note: while this classic scrubber is ideal for cleaning the dirtiest pots and pans and for removing rust from cutlery, it's also indispensable for polishing up the metal parts of bicycles, motorcycles, wrought iron outdoor furniture, and anything else you can dream up that needs a scrub.

Take Care: This brilliant copper cloth can be cleaned in the dish washer or (!) washing machine. Put it inside a sock or a lingerie bag to keep the burly copper threads from snagging other textiles. Hang to dry.

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