Water Only Cleaner Cloth - Small

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Like knight-in-shining-armor riding up on a sustainable workhorse this slinky, all-purpose cleaning cloth is lovingly handmade in the USA in a LEED certified, living wage mill in North Carolina. Infinitely reusable, this friend can be deployed to dust shelves, clean mirrors, polish pianos, tackle your smeary eyeglasses and electronics, clean counters, make your bathroom sparkle...the list goes on (and no shady origin story). Meant to be used with sweet, plain water alone, the microfiber structure of the cloth itself does much of the heavy lifting- working to remove dust, dirt, and schmutz without the need of any additional cleaning solution, saving money and keeping unnecessary unpronounceable chemicals out of your cabinets. 16" x 16"

To use:

-Wet the Cleaner Cloth completely in water.

-Wring out all excess water by twisting the cloth until it is light grey.

-Use the cloth directly on the surface you wish to clean, applying pressure in tough areas. Don‰Ûªt worry about air droplets, allow to air dry.

-Rinse the cloth in water to remove any dirt, and repeat steps 2 & 3 until finished.

Take Care: Since the hyper-absorbency of the fibers will be affected by oils, we recommend avoiding using it on stove tops or freshly waxed furniture (basically anywhere with oil or grease). When the cloth needs a refresh, machine wash and air dry.

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