Rectangular Textured Metal Utility Storage Tote - White - 10"

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Hello, gorgeous storage! This streamlined take on a classic shoeshine-style caddy is totes the best. While it tucks easily and effortlessly under sink or on pantry shelf, it's so easy on the eyes we don't even mind if it gets left out on the countertop. The smooth-lathed blonde wood handle makes it a breeze to tote around and the powder-coated steel construction cleans up easy and supports schlepping and storing your heaviest items. From cleaning supplies to first aid, from guest supplies to extra towels, from toys to tools to everything in between, this corrals whatever needs corralling and looks gorgeous doing it.

| Lillian 02-12-2020 01:38

Lillian owns + loves these things!
I use this to organize stationary + cards in my office at home. It's sturdy but light weight so this would be handy for any supplies in any room!

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