BIG NEWS: We're Moving!

BIG NEWS: We're Moving!

You know that feeling when you have a piece of news SO BIG and SO EXCITING that your entire being becomes an incandescent bubble factory of joy? This is big, guys.

We are beyond thrilled to announce that The Foundry will be moving to our new forever home—in the star-crossed old Soap Factory Building, which has been lovingly restored as "Switch House", in St. Anthony Main—this winter!


The new space will be three times larger than the current shop (and TWELVE times larger than our original Foundry location). That's a lot of beeswax! 


This space will give us the opportunity to thoughtfully grow in all kinds of directions we've been dreaming of for many long whiles. From what we're carrying (we'll finally have the space to expand all of your favorite "departments", fully leaning into the dreamiest-general-store vibe we've been going for since we first opened our doors) to fabulous possibilities (Foundry Private Labels and maker collaborations + subscriptions are already on the horizon!), from how we're engaging with the space (Foundry dinners? game nights? guest lectures? artist series? installations? dog shows? pony shows? DOG AND PONY SHOWS?), to how we're engaging with each other (the space will feature a beautiful outdoor patio and big beautiful garage doors a.k.a. weather permitting, we can spill out into the sunsets on most evenings/maintain peak fresh breezes + safe distances for however long that's still a thing)...we're just so excited for all that might be possible.


Pending Ruby's architectural review (she's a real stickler), we're hoping to have the new location up and running early in 2022. And we'll still be joyfully reveling and brown-paper-parceling in our beloved current shop at least through the end of the year.


We say it a lot, but it bears constant repeating: we are simply so grateful for this community. You've followed us from the North Loop to Tangletown and now *almost* back again (the new location is half a block from the Mississippi river and Stone Arch Bridge, just around the corner from Alma and up the street from Old St. Anthony Main—and just a hop skip and jump across the river from the old Foundry building!) and you've given us both reasons and capacity to keep sparking our dreams throughout this past wild season and beyond.







  1. Booklyn moving company Booklyn moving company

    I loved reading this, thank you for the info! Congratulations on your move! I hope you have settled in quite well.

  2. Susan Bye Susan Bye

    Congratulations on your exciting next step. I'll miss having you close by, but look forward to visiting in your new and larger space which will no doubt be beautiful.

  3. Sally Knutzen Sally Knutzen

    Such exciting news! I can't wait to see your new space and how you give it that special Foundry sparkle.

  4. John  Magliocco John Magliocco

    Congratulations on your forthcoming move to your forever home Anna & Ruby. I discovered you years ago in your original home on a visit to Minneapolis and hope one day to visit you again. I'm enjoying my virtual visits for now. Be well!

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