Halloween In The Shop!

Halloween In The Shop!

A mummy in a torn up tablecloth (above), a mime in our mother's Breton stripes, a ghost in an eye-holed sheet, a fairy princess in a flower girl dress reimagined with the addition of coat hanger wings, a "bag of potatoes" made by sticking our legs through...a bag of potatoes. We were the kinds of kids who made our Halloween costumes from whatever was around.

Sometimes these humble homemade getups would lose their luster (especially when surrounded by gloriously sleek and pristine store-bought Bat Men and Wonder Women and Teenage Turtles), but, as adults, we know that this is where the collective beauty lies: that there is ample space in the world for both Elizabethan collars fashioned out of tissues AND drugstore angel halos. Made, bought, or cobbled together, it's all about the joy of imagining yourself as someone/somewhere/somewhy else.

Which is why, in the days leading up to Halloween, we found ourselves horsing around in the shop wondering what if...? with what...? how fun! We *might* officially go as Serge Gainsbourg or A Cheesemonger on the big day, but it's just so dang fun to laugh and dream and be silly.


Little Red Riding Hood (inspired by Ruby) except "my what big teeth you have"....are hidden under your mask! CHOMP! Take that wolfy. 

Abominable Snowman/Very Cowardly Lion/Hoth Wampa/Tactile Man
Body Fur/Ears/Hand Puffs (extendable "arms" optional!)

Chef/Add mouse under toque for Ratatouille
Toque/Apron/Knife/Rolling Pin/Handbook

Burlesque Fan Dancer/Dust Buster/Junior Gorg from Fraggle Rock
Wooly Fingers

Edward Taperhands

Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, and Cogsworth from Beauty & The Beast (Beauty + Beast just out of frame)Mrs. Potts/Chip/Lumiere/Cogsworth

A little reminder to lean in to the magic whenever possible and have a very Happy Halloween, dear ones!


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