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Meet Christophe Pourny: magical, sustainable furniture care

Meet Christophe Pourny: magical, sustainable furniture care Nothing is as evocative of "home" as the smell of Lemon Pledge. Like the scent of popcorn or bubblegum, the unique chemical tang of Pledge (or Old English if that was your family's go-to) immediately transports us to old-fashioned childhood Saturdays helping our parents clean and polish the various corners of the house we'd spent the previous week covering in grubby handprints. One Foundry Father loved Pledge so much he once Pledged the stairs to get them looking their super-shiny freshest. They were indeed beautiful. But so slippery that a Foundry Mama (complete with load of laundry) ended up over teakettle at the bottom, covered in socks.

Ode On A Dark Napkin

Ode On A Dark Napkin While the Maitre d' and Head of House might swear by tower of starched, pressed, and pristine white linens standing by as the gold standard for well-laid tables we have a *dark*horse contender for most beautiful + versatile linens: the non-white napkin.

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