Japanese Copper Spice Grater

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Perfect for working with whole spices and roots, this sweet "Oroshigane" copper spice grater is the friend we never knew we needed in the kitchen. While we first snatched one up specifically for dusting holiday nogs and lattes with fresh-ground nutmeg (for which it is, indeed, ideal), it quickly became our go-to for unleashing pure flavor from all matter of bold, knobby roots. Whole garlic cloves and shallots, bright, bracing ginger, zingy fresh horseradish and wasabi, bright yellow healing turmeric...simply push against the teeth in a circular motion to create a rich, fine flavor paste. Each traditionally shaped copper grater is plated with non-reactive pewter and the sharp teeth are individually cut and raised by hand by artisans in Japan. Cinnamon, tonka bean, lime zest...The list goes on and on. A perfect gift for your chef friend/self who has all the things. and
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