Foundry Classic Mug with Lid - Medium - Matte Glaze

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A mug. With a lid! Why is this only a thing we're seeing right now!? Beautifully simple and effortless elegant, this mug can do it all. From sipping to storage, this is fresh, timeless, and at home on any table or bedside, or on the apothecary shelf in any bathroom, doing the beautiful daily work. The just-matte white ceramic finish has a very subtle sheen, giving it a dreamy, almost velvety aspect and a gentle feeling in the hand but does make it more susceptible to pigment transfer. We like to think of subtle afterimages (like, say, on the inside of the cup) as remembrances of coffees past. With a madeleine, of course.

About The Line: If you want something done right (or, more specifically, done down to the last detail of your very specific dreams and desires) sometimes you have to do it yourself. Our Foundry Classic line is all of the things we found ourselves searching for, couldn't find, and so decided to make them ourselves. These Foundry Classic porcelain pieces are lovingly and sustainably made by hand in Arizona by one of our favorite artists. The pared down classic silhouettes are exactly what we hoped for, a joy to behold and use.

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