Kiddo Sized Grass Bolga Shopper Basket - 10"

Article number: P-16519
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Fair-trade sourced and hand-woven in Africa in the traditional Ghanaian style, these sweet kiddo-sized baskets are made from sweet-smelling, sustainably harvested elephant grass. With a leather-wrapped handle and a generous flat bottom, these are a favorite for tiny picnickers, little shoppers, and budding naturalists (and their adult-sized counterparts). While they're great for looping around a wrist and taking to market, Foundry Family members use them around the house: for corralling mail and onzies to keep surfaces clear, for scooping up toys at the end of a melee day, on the changing table as a receptacle for diaps, wipes, and whatever extras accumulate there, to hold leashes and pup accoutrements by the door, as a trug in the garden, for collecting eggs from the henhouse...basically these pint-sized shoppers are just the trick for anything (and everything) that needs to be contained. Since these are hand-made, exact weaving patterns and handle colors vary, if you have something specific in mind, get in touch!

Take care: These baskets are made to be used and loved. They can take a... mauling and keep on hauling. If your basket somehow gets misshapen, it's easy to re-form it. Simply submerge the basket in water (keeping the leather handle above the water line) for 5-10 minutes (at which point the sweet smell of the grass will waft around you, a nice side effect), remove, reshape, and let dry completely on a towel.

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