Recipe Request: Another "Big Fancy Drink"

Recipe Request: Another "Big Fancy Drink"

In our (seemingly endless) search for things that feel good, have a essentially zero potential for bummers, and answer more questions than they ask, we have been lovingly deploying the "BYOG BFD" a.k.a.: The Bring Your Own Glass to the Big Fancy Drink.

We wrote here about the restoratively celebratory act we've been enjoying recently—there is a surprising amount of freedom and joy in simply whipping up a big batch of deliciousness and sharing it with whoever happens to be close at hand and holding an empty glass.

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We've been loving hearing about your own adventures in BFD (including a few versions employing our watermelon shrub recipe, a Foundry BFD Double Whammy!). We included the recipe for our go-to strawberry-based sip here but with the beginning of peak peach season coinciding with the end of peak gin season (coming alongside with a few requests in our DM's), we're here to share another go-to Big Batch Sipper recipe: The Peach Gin + Tonic!

Gio Low Wine Glass, Linen Coaster


3 cups gin
1 peach, chopped small to be able to easily pour out (bonus: not only is it way easier to leave the marvelous fuzzy skin on when prepping, it will turn the cocktail a beautiful pink color!)
1 1/2 cups lime juice
Tonic of choice
a handful of rosemary sprigs

-(Gently) muddle a lime slice and a peach slice or two in the bottom of your glass (basically, how many boozy fruit snacks do you want at the end? ;))
-Add ice
-Pour peachy gin mixture over ice, then add tonic water to top off. 
-Garnish with a lime wedge (allow everyone to squeeze their own if they want added juice!) another peach slice, and a sprig of rosemary for that botanical whiff. 
Makes around 16 cocktails, again, depending how heavy you pour—AND keeps in a jar or bottle in the fridge if you need to pay the BFD forward.


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