Glass Decanter - Large -2 liters

Article number: HD-11002
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We love this second-generation Belgian glassware line's lovely organic forms, pretty palettes, and tiny bubbles. The bubbles—and the other delicious subtle variations in each piece—come from the (very old-fashioned) practice of mouthblowing the glass using wooden molds to form the shape. Every time the mold is used, the heat of the molten glass burns out the wood just a little bit, giving each subsequent piece an ever-so-slightly different character.

At 2 liters, this is ideal for water—or for larger pitchers of wine, cocktails, or sangria, of course. Heck, you could even decant a whole big thing of Dr. Pepper in here. Whatever you fancy. 11 1/2" tall, 4 1/2" diameter at the base.

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