Banishing Winter Blahs

Banishing Winter Blahs

As we're approaching (what we hope is) the last gasp of chill days and long nights, now, more than ever, we are leaning in to ways to beat the winter blahs. We asked you: How do YOU beat the winter blues? And (because you are the literal best) your answers did not disappoint.

Don't get us wrong, we love winter. We love the quiet hush of just-fallen snow. We love the necessary slowing of the clock and calendar and circadian rhythm that the attenuated daylight hours require. We love the potent dream-power that comes with the February arrival of the seed catalog. We love rosy cheeks and strong tea and ginger cake and cozy scarves and the whole shebang. But, jeez. Sometimes it really does just seem to go on forever.


Erin's Elderberry Immune Tincture supplies.

We were sitting around the other day—bundled up in woolens sipping on hot toddies—talking about our own winter survival strategies (dog snuggles, local light therapy lamps, aforementioned woolens and toddies) and, as choruses of "how do YOU make it through?!" echoed through the shop, it occurred to us, we should really ask you guys.


Andy's burst of fresh citrus.

So, we did. We sent out a line to you, our dear and friendly Foundry Family, and straight up asked for help. In exchange, we said, one lucky random responder would win a Foundry Winter Survival Kit of their own*:


Without further ado (and whilst raising a warm mug to the speedy arrival of green shoots and daffodil bombs coming oh so shortly), here's how our Foundry Friends & Family are beating the winter blahs in the meantime:


- My winter survival tip is elderberry syrup for immunity and long, hot bubble baths with a big glass of red wine!


- A hot tub in the snow with a dog bounding about in the background. Aesthetically tasteful = NO Survival = FOR SURE


- Winter survival must-haves: Wool clogs. An ample supply of blankets. Cozy robe. Snuggly land otter.


- Indulging in warm cups of mulled wine; long, chilly, pink-cheeked walks; and making sure I eat plenty of fruits and veggies (and not only raclette!)


- I love shoveling my driveway by hand. It’s an awesome workout and makes you appreciate going back in to your cozy little home. 


- Fresh citrus is so amazing this time of year! We get so used to seeing oranges year-round at the supermarket, it sometimes doesn't occur to us that they have an "in-season" and "out-of-season". A perfect January grapefruit is especially delightful after months of root vegetables at the market AND if you have an aunt who brings them to you from Florida.


- To make it through winter (healthy and happy, hearty and hale), I keep regular rhythms of tea with honey, blankets, good books, hot baths, and a determination to love weather, in whatever form it comes. There is always wonder to behold, and in winter, wonder takes on its quieter forms.


-  Spend time outdoors - go hike and camp! Give lots of hugs and spend time playing on the floor with kids if you have them. Read a good novel :)

- Weekend rituals of home cooked meals, technology free days, and winter walks with my family!


- I asked for a pair of snow shoes for Christmas and received them. Now I'm so happy when it snows because I can go out on the untouched snow and plod along until my legs get good and tired. It's exhilarating! Then when I get to go to bed early because it's dark earlier, my body is spent and it feels so good to truly rest! The sleep is perfect-especially with a cat or two along side me.


- Fire Cider. I made your recipe back in December and it was ready just in time to battle the post-holiday blerghs in my house.


To help with the winter blues, I start turning on lights—including the fireplace and fairy lights above the fireplace—at 4pm before it gets dark outside. I also light my favorite beeswax candle, both for the the incredible smell and the beautiful light.


- I get through with old school wood burning fires, a hot cup of Immune-C (raspberry, with Huckleberry Honey) and of course my "thinks-he’s-a-human" yorkie, Isaac.


- My winter survival is spending time each week in the therapy pool (94 degrees) at the Marsh in Minnetonka walking, stretching and "hanging". I follow that up with a 15 minute steam, a lovely shower and a thorough coating of lotion. It's wonderful.


- My routine is hot chocolate, a fire, candles, and working on a quilting project!


- Elderberries all the way! Elderberry tincture with cedar and burdock for every time you feel a cold coming, and elderberry syrup with ginger and cinnamon and honey and all the other good stuff for when you actually get sick. Guaranteed to kick a cold to the curb at least twice as fast as it would have left otherwise.


- My dogs get me through winter! They make sure I get out of the house and enjoy exploring the season!


There you have it! While we do appreciate the inward gaze and solitude that the season affords (after all, what is "self-care" but an acknowledgment of self, an appreciation and apportionment of requirements wholly to bolster one's own well-being?) sometimes it takes a village to make it through. And we have one of the best villages around. Stay warm, be cozy, and know that this too shall pass.


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