The Foundry At Home: Shake, Shake, Shake your Sillies Out

The Foundry At Home: Shake, Shake, Shake your Sillies Out

It's simple: we're all at home, let's make it good... especially for those of us on minute 27,458 of your darling little ones running around in circles (but, who's counting??).

These strange and surreal days pass in alternating moments of impressive productivity, heartbreaking preciousness, existential angst, deep malaise, blinding beauty, a love supreme, and, usually around 6pm for those of us with kiddoes in the mix (and perhaps even for a few of us who don't), a nice, healthy, completely understandable little meltdown.


Maybe no one got outside enough today, maybe the world was too much with us, and maybe we're all just doing the best we can and sometimes it *still* feels like it's not quite enough...or, hey, maybe it's a super cool and fun combination of all of the above! Don't fret, dear ones, we have a surefire cure, brought to you today c/o Lillian, our own mad-genius-DJ and epic secret thwarter of meltdowns: 




Lillian's Foundry Bonkers Kids Mix (designed to be shuffled!) is the exact right blend of kid-friendly and adult-approved, with bone-shaking boogies and feel-good jams that most certainly transcend Raffi... though we love the dude, Bananaphone is NOT the energy we need to get us all through the witching hour intact.


Sending everyone love, strength, and the constant gentle koan: this too shall pass. We'll leave you with a beautiful poem written by Lillian's grandmother, mother of 7.


Tractor in the Bathtub
by Marjorie Pick Egner

There's a tractor in the bathtub,
A truck upon the stair,
And resting on the baby grand,
A ragged teddy bear

There are marbles in the mailbox,
A kite inside the door,
Do step carefully...
Because the skates are on the floor

Dust is on the window sill
Where army men stand tall
Crayon marks are bold and gay...
Upon the bedroom wall

A wad of bubble gum,
Clings fast, to the the ever-rumpled bed,
Where a weary little leaguer,
Rests his tossled head

Do not disturb the seedlings
Beside the kitchen sink,
And look well for pollywogs,
Should you chance to take a drink 

There's a tractor in the bathtub,
I'll not take it out..
Until this is a lonely place,
Where children cease to shout

I'd love some gleaming porcelain,
A stair that's clutter-free
And to think of panes..
Through which one could really see!

Still, the joy of a house that clean
Could never quite compare,
With a tractor in the bathtub,
And voices everywhere!


and the playlist here, for those who prefer a direct play:


FYI: The Foundry At Home is our very own Foundry series of ongoing/daily/weekly/golly-as-long-as-it-takes activities designed and executed by our insane-amazing shop team to occupy your BRAIN and engage your BODY and help us all lean into the lovely moments of calm and beauty that are possible. See all of them here.


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