FROM: the Foundry Family TO: Our Valentines

FROM: the Foundry Family TO: Our Valentines

We've definitely been feeling those heart-full butterfly-vibes recently and it's not only because Lillian just got a new puppy (!) named "Valentine" (after Billy Ray Valentine, she clarifies, NOT St. Valentine...although doesn't that just make you love him all the more!?). Love is in the air! Or maybe it's snow? Or maybe it's BOTH!? 


It's almost Valentine's Day and as hopeless hopeful romantics we've been dreaming and scheming for basically the whole month of January how best to shower the people we love with love. Here's what The Foundry Family is gifting our sweethearts this year (SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD).


From: Anna

To: Ruby

She got a little jealous when she saw Detective having breakfast in bed with his Sun at Six "stand" table (technically a little side table, but totally perfect as a lap desk), so I guess it's time to indulge her. She'll have to borrow a dressing gown from Turnip, though.


From: Susannah

To: her partner, Andy

Not one, not two, but THREE of these ingenious octopus keychains. Between our cars, our offices, our bikes, our instrument cases, and our 1978 13" Scamp tow-behind trailer (!) we have A LOT of keys. The only thing more romantic than giving your forever lover a key to everything you own is creating a system for them to stay organized, right?

From: Adam

To: his fiancé Matthias

A set of John Julian porcelain mugs (and maybe some gorgeous hand-dyed napkins to go with them). He definitely loves coffee, but let's be honest, these are also a Valentine for me. The best kind!

From: Lillian

To: herself

A TRIP TO MEXICO, starting yesterday... BYEEEEE LILLIAN! 

From: Erin

To: her sweetheart, Ramesh

We love to cook, entertain, and set out a big gorgeous table (Foundry note: their outdoor dinner parties are the stuff of legend) so any of the gorgeous Tracie Hervy hand-thrown plates and bowls would be stunning. The big mama dinner plate, with its wide lip, would be the perfect thing for a summer caprese.



From: Mara

To: her BFF

We've been making time for each other since we were small ones... I'd love to swap out her old pint-sized mason jars with a few of these easy handblown Mexican roli poli glasses (and a bottle of wine to share).



From: Zach

To: Anna

We are both already madly in love with these sheets (you can see Ruby + Turnip snuggled up in them here), but always wash + fold, especially the fitted ones. With her mind always tuned towards making giant magic, Anna sometimes doesn't have patience for pesky things like sheet corners. What a pleasure.


That's what we're getting for our nearest + dearest. Still need help deciding what to gift the one(s) you love? We've gathered together some of our favorites:

Under $50 Smackers

For Parent-types

For the-person-who-might-be-the-one-but-you-just-met-them

For the true partner of your heart




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