What to give...literally anybody

What to give...literally anybody

Secret Santa. White Elephant. Your mailperson (who you love). Your neighbor. Your somebody-in-law. Your sweet kiddo's briliant teacher. The man whose cupcakes Turnip ate off of a park bench. That new friend you just met but who might be your next bestie (but it's really too soon to tell!). The best gifts are, obviously, those that speak not only to generosity of spirit but also to the relationship of the parties involved. The world is full of people that you want to show your appreciation + affection for but who you might not quite exactly know well enough to ascertain whether they might truly love a tiny golden glockenspiel (if it's the potential new friend mentioned above, perhaps try it. You'll know immediately if they're the one).


For all of those people, there are these


For some more specific direction, let's begin with what you know about the person:


If they like things that smell good: A lovely candle

If there's a chance they might also be a witch: A sage bundle and a perfect tiny plate to set it on.

If they subscribe to the consensus version of time: A calendar.

If they are a local: This marvelous book full of hidden gems and MPLS lore.

If they use a computer: A special brush for cleaning the keyboard and screen.

If they have a body: A nice soap.

If they have hands: A jar of beeswax balm for keeping them supple.

If they wash those hands: A sweet towel for drying them off.

If they have lips: A wonderful lip balm—unisex!

If they have keys: An ingenious, stylish keychain (this is Detective's and HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE KEYS).

If they make food sometimes: A beautiful wooden spoon.

If they drink water: A little parcel of Binchotan Charcoal Sticks to remove impurities.

If they are a cat: A mouse.

If they are a dog: A leash.

If they are a baby: Baby shoes.

If you might secretly love them: A lit match.

If they might secretly love you: A kiss will tell.

If you're honestly really not sure but, golly, who doesn't love flowers and candlelight?: A mouth-blown vessel perfect for a little bundle of flowers or a flickering votive.


Did we miss anyone? If you're still not 100% sure what to get that mysterious someone, a Foundry Home Goods gift card is always in style.




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