Hello, Hamilton: Heart-Full Winners for $10 (or less)

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Hello, Hamilton: Heart-Full Winners for $10 (or less)

It's almost Valentine's Day and, while our feelings on the subject vary widely, we are 100% PRO telling the people who matter in our hearts that they do...and Valentine's Day is a pretty perfect opportunity for making that happen.

It doesn't need to be a big gesture (though we got that covered too)....and it doesn't need to break the bank. It can be as simple as writing a little note, straight from the heart, and tying it on a sweet little something that made you think of them (also, obviously, it doesn't even need to be accompanied by a *thing*, but, hey, we're a shop and we love things, so there you go).

For those if you looking to go all out with the heart//still keep it casual, here are a few foolproof, small-but-mighty, $10 or less, heart-full Valentine's we'd be pleased as punch to give (and receive):


For the flame: A heart candle ($7)

For the poet: A tiny notebook ($4).

For the smokeshow: Palo Santo Incense ($4) and a perfect tiny plate ($9) to set it on.

For the dish: A dish ($10)

For the one whose kiss is on your list: A daily to-do ($9).

For the sweetheart: A jar of Clover Honey ($10).

For the bedmate: A Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush ($8).

For the one who makes you blush: A rosy-cheeked foraged hibiscus natural dye kit ($5)

For the lovebird: A fine feathered songbird to sing their praises ($7).

For the one who sweeps you off your feet: A perfect small hand broom, for tiny messes ($10).

For the cupid: Tiny arrows ($5). 

For the one who's spicy: a hand-turned spice scoop ($4).

For the Jack to your Rose: natural drawing charcoals ($3)

For the one who keeps you sharp: A classic brass pencil sharpener ($7).

For the one who nails it: A hand-hammered nail ($4) for hanging the keys to your heart (or whatever).


More thunderbolts for your thunderbolt, right this way.

AND, if you're still not 100% sure what to get that marvelous swoon of your heart, a Foundry Home Goods gift card is always in style.




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