Bintchotan Charcoal Toothbrush

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Binchotan Charcoal has been revered in Japan for hundreds of years for its almost mystical cleansing and purifying powers. Smile, because this sleek + streamlined toothbrush is infused with it all the way down to its bristles. Made exclusively from the branches of the Ubame Oak using the same ancient methods and kilns from when the process was first pioneered in Wakayama, Japan the early 1600's and then ground into an ultra-fine charcoal powder, this hyper-purifying ingredient naturally deodorizes the mouth, prevents bad breath, and removes plaque. Additionally, the antibacterial properties of activated charcoal work to purify bristles after using. Clean mouth, clean brush, big smile. Note: While this is suitable for use with toothpaste, it doesn't require it. Your mouth, your call. This flexibility (and its slender stature) makes this a must for travel. Especially if you might be kissing the person meeting you at the airport.
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