Beeswax Hand and Body Balm - 5.5 oz.

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One of the most heavenly things a beekeeper experiences when she opens her hive is the smell of fresh beeswax. Molded into the signature honeycomb shape in the hive for storing honey, pollen, and brood, the wax itself is created by individual worker bees specifically suited for the task. Our friend Kate Ellis' family has been keeping bees on their 4th generation organic farm for years and she started Old Mill Candles to bring their magically-healing sweet-smelling beeswax magic to the world.

Kate makes this this deep-nourishing hand and body balm just for us. Its ingenious blend of richly moisturizing coconut oil, linolenic acid-rich grapeseed oil, and 100% pure, all-natural beeswax is a lifesaver for hardworking hands (and, frankly, any other parts that get dry and cranky). We like to keep the little label-free hexagon jar by the kitchen sink for impromptu slatherings. A must for winter's chilly chaps and summer's frequent scrubs.

Note: This all natural balm also doubles as a moustache wax, as a nourishing moisture barrier for a babe's delicate bum (in lieu of A&D or similar), and, for you serious cyclists, as a chamois cream. You're welcome.

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