Triumphantly Recovering: An Update On Ruby

Triumphantly Recovering: An Update On Ruby

If you've been following along on Instagram with the recent wild adventures of our intrepid shopdog and head-balancer in chief, Ruby, you'll know that—after a surprising cancer diagnosis a few long-feeling moons ago—she successfully had one of her hind legs removed. Since recuperating from her surgery we are thrilled to report Ruby is bounding up the snowy road to a full recovery!

For everyone who's reached out—with well wishes and healing blessings, good vibes and thoughtful care parcels, love notes and (honestly) more-treats-than-you-can-even-wag-your-tail-at—we join Ruby in sharing our deepest gratitude. Love heals and it goes all ways. And now for your heart-filling-pleasure, here's some more of Ruby lately, healing, having fun, and just being Ruby:

Here's Ruby in action unlocking one of the fun "puzzle box activities" Anna's been making her during this looooong cold spell. (sidenote: can we all spend the rest of the winter "recuperating" at Anna's house!?).

Podded up for some laughing medicine with Lillian & Detective.


Casting a big shadow on a nighttime explore.


Stopping to smell the roses out at Two Pony (complete with her own special snow-cozy—a heretofore unknown use-case for our beloved sheepskins!).

Cozied up in her sherpa gear (sub-zero temps are a great excuse for an endless snuggle).


STILL GOT IT! Back at the shop, with better balance than ever!!


We love you to the moon and back, Ruby-girl. If this is how you take on the snow, we can't WAIT to get you out into the green grass and sunshine!



  1. Lillian Egner Lillian Egner

    Hi Lesley, you could try emailing [email protected] who is Ruby (and the shop's :) owner. She's still working from home most days so you can try and catch her via email. I know she had a lot of comfortable spots for Ruby to rest and carpets down on the hard floor to help with slipping. She also built ramps for the stairs out to the yard and would even bring a sled on snowy walks in case Ruby got tired. Sending lots of love to your dog!

  2. Lesley Crosby Lesley Crosby

    Good morning! Our amazing dog also has cancer and is having his leg removed this coming Monday. If you would be willing to share your experience with Ruby's recovery and any thoughts that you have as to how to best get our boy back on his feet, I would be eternally grateful! I am so inspired by Ruby's recovery and seeing her running through the snow.

  3. Dave Buchanan Dave Buchanan

    It feels so good to see Ruby so adeptly mobile and leaving cancer behind her. In that last video on the page, you can see in her tail and her face she's very happy to be moving. She seems to simply ignore the leg she's missing! You are a lesson for us all, Ruby.

  4. Linda Linda

    So happy to see Ruby enjoying life. Next time I'm in Minn I'll surely stop in to see her and your wonderful shop.

  5. Rebecca Gollnick Rebecca Gollnick

    Such a heartfelt story about your precious Ruby! So happy she is feeling good and doing so well. Heartwarming news is appreciated as we have too much winter in Texas. And of course we dearly love our labradors ❤️

  6. Suzanne & Ed Constantini Suzanne & Ed Constantini

    Love the pictures and stories you shared about Ruby - We remember seeing her at the old store and always and she was always so great. She's one of the family. Sounds like she is loved "to the moon and back" Thanks for sharing.

  7. Joe Dolinaj Joe Dolinaj

    It makes my heart swell with joy and love to see this beautiful animal Ruby doing so wonderfully great. Hugs and kisses to you Ruby girl. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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