The Foundry At Home: "Quarentales" With Heather- "The Story of Ferdinand"

The Foundry At Home: "Quarentales" With Heather- "The Story of Ferdinand"

Excuse us if it seems like perhaps we are just using the opportunity of "building a beautiful library of fresh and timeless tales for little ones" as a pure excuse to go back through our marvelous old favorite books and relive the wonder of marvelous world-discovery, but , well, here we are.

Some classics don't "hold up" (looking at you, beloved "Giving Tree"...though we are HERE for this re-write: "The Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries"!) but others...others, upon re-reading, pierce our hearts with their timeless beauty and simple, pure morality. "The Story Of Ferdinand" is one such volume... we so deeply remember the look in his eyes when (spoiler alert!) he sits on the bee. Yowza! What we might not have recalled, though, is how his tale transcends the old fashioned hats and lack-of-empowered ladies in the iconic illustrations. His is a meditation on civil disobedience, on the inherent power of bucking the system, of inspired and gracious mothering, and the beauty and solace of solitude, and of the value of (literally) stopping to smell the flowers. Banned in Franco's Spain, burned in Nazi Germany, and listed by the Mahatma as his favorite book, it—blessedly—holds up.


Our resident librarian/ceaseless engine of positivity, Heather, (learn more about her here!), reads from this newest classic tome in our Foundry Family Children's Collection, "The Story Of Ferdinand".



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