The Foundry At Home: "Quarentales" With Heather- "Still Stuck"

The Foundry At Home: "Quarentales" With Heather- "Still Stuck"

Whether your summer camp plans have been paused indefinitely, you've just run out of water balloons (or simply run out of the will to be eternally, positively enthusiastic about repeated water balloon soakings), or you just need a pure dose of something dang charming today, we've got just the thing to sweeten afternoon "quiet time".

Our resident librarian/ceaseless engine of positivity, Heather, (learn more about her here!), reads from one of the most charming tales in our Foundry Family Children's Collection, "Still Stuck".


A sweet tale of undressing-interrupted, this little book reminds us that we can take ownership of our own resiliency in the face of unexpected change (and, also, that taking a bath is sometimes the ultimate solution). Here, "Still Stuck". Enjoy!



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