The Foundry At Home: "Quarentales" With Heather- "Apple Cake: A Gratitude"

The Foundry At Home: "Quarentales" With Heather- "Apple Cake: A Gratitude"

Gather round little ones (and big ones and all ones) it's... Story Time With Heather!

The process of thoughtfully choosing, patiently waiting, and finally receiving newly selected volumes our Foundry Family Children's Collection (or, really, the entire Foundry Library) has the exact same energy as BOOK FAIR DAY (!!) at elementary school. Is there a better feeling than that of throwing open your beloved school library doors to see it transformed into a book party, chock full of sparkly dreams waiting to be dreamt? If there is, it's likely hearing one of those fresh, redolent-with-new-book-smell-and-magic favorites read aloud to you. BYO tea and snacks and sitting criss-cross-applesauce on a carpet square optional.

Our resident librarian/ceaseless engine of positivity, Heather, (learn more about her here), reads a brand new classic from our Foundry Family Children's Collection, "Apple Cake: A Gratitude". We hope you enjoy this simple, beautifully illustrated story of being present with gratitude. BONUS: Cake!


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