The Brightest Bulb: How to plant your #DAFFODILBOMB

The Brightest Bulb: How to plant your #DAFFODILBOMB

So. You've got a cute #DAFFODILBOMB at home brightening up your kitchen or poking out of your cubicle. Don't fret when the leaves start to brown and the flowers fade...the fun is JUST beginning!

Let the leaves wilt and the dirt dry out around the bulb. Don't cut those greeny-brown friends! Those leaves are busy soaking up as much sun and nutrients as possible before the daffodil goes dormant. Resist the urge to trim.

Once fully brown you can snip off the leaves about an inch from the top of the bulb and shake off the excess dirt. Stash that bulb in a cool, dry, dark place (like a brown paper bag on a shelf in the garage) and wait 'til next fall rolls around.


A few weeks before the frost, dig a few inches down in your garden and drop in the daffodil bulb—leaf end pointing up, root end pointing down— cover it with soil and wait patiently for spring!

Bulbs have a pretty incredible life cycle. They're dormant under the soil for most of the year, but they sure are a welcome addition come spring!


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