Back to School

Back to School

While we love summer with the wild and full-throated glory of a swinging-from-a-rope-into-a-swimming-hole yodel we'd be fibbing if we said we weren't always *secretly* incredibly excited for fall every year. Ever since we were small we've had a sense of the subtle crisping of the air, the first tumble of early yellow maple and alder leaves (the first trees to unfurl out their blossoms for the honeybees in the spring are also the earliest to shed their summer finery), the lusty calls of migrating birds, harsh and exciting overhead, and, to our youngest selves, the most exciting of all: the back to school supply list.


It should surprise exactly no one to learn that the arrival of the list of necessary supplies at the end of every summer gave us a heady thrill from day one. The promise of that list...from the standard: ruled paper! fresh pencils! ruler! glue stick! to the delightfully esoteric: a protractor! a composition book! a watercolor palette! a magnifying glass! an abacus! The list itself was an object puzzle of what the year ahead might hold, what kind of person our new teacher might be, and what delightful discoveries might await us. Yes, dear ones, we were/are nerds.


Whether you're bundling your own small humans off to school this fall (and get to re-live the thunderbolt excitement of the supply list directly, lucky you) or you're just taking the opportunity of the changing of the seasons to take stock and replenish your stores of pens that write in such a way that the act of making your own to-do lists makes you truly happy... we've got a whole (school)bus load of gorgeous new goods in store that are *almost* as fresh as a paper bag book cover on the first day. Here's our must-have school supply list for this year. 


Leather School Satchel Ruitertassen


A brand new leather bookbag/backpack/carry-on/diaper bag/briefcase. Fits a laptop, fits a bug collection. Be a student of the possibilities. It's so perfect, in fact, that our favorite fox carries almost the exact same one on his premier jour d'ecole:


Fox Book


A fresh new planner for penciling in assignments and adventures.


Kartotek Planner


A snickety-snick pair of new scissors for everything from wax-paper-pressed-leaves to turkeys in the shape of your hand.


Allex Japanese Non Stick Black Scissors


A brand new mechanical pencil. We are partial to this chunky wooden one (because it has everything we love about classic pencils but without the "everyone watching you when you sharpen it at the front of the room" situation).


Ohto Japanese Fat Mechanical Pencil Yellow


A handy dandy brass bookmark (for all of your fun fresh books) that doubles as a stencil (for all of your fun new things just begging to be labelled).


Japanese Brass Template Bookmark Stencil


New Crayons. It wouldn't officially be fall without a fresh set of Roy G. Bivs. With their foldable muslin carrying case, these naturally tinted beeswax beauties are a step up from the classic 64 box (sorry, 'ol Cornflower Blue).


Beeswax Minnesota Natural Wax Crayons


Did we miss something on your personal supply list? Check out all of our back to school faves and remember, learning is fun(damental).




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