100 Words On... The Great Dixter Spade

100 Words On... The Great Dixter Spade

A new series from The Foundry Home Goods! A short'n'sweet Foundry Family hot-take love-letter to a single, perfect object/item/obsession. This week, Susannah gives us 100 Words On... The Great Dixter Spade.

"OH, THE LEVERAGE. I started kind of poking around some old brick edging to see how this thing might tackle some aggressive daylilies (planted some time at my old house between 1892 and now). About an hour later I was laid out like the Vitruvian Man in an empty, rich, dark-soiled bed previously colonized by 120 years of daylily roots which were now unearthed and splayed effortlessly around me and my tiny perfect shovel like ticker tape in the joyful aftermath of a parade. The spade was so ruthlessly efficient I felt like the grim reaper herself. 5 stars. Still sore. ZERO regrets."
The smallest AND mightiest a) tool b) wagon, and c) Lois.


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