100 Words On... A New Calendar

100 Words On... A New Calendar

A short'n'sweet Foundry Family hot-take love-letter to a single, perfect object/item/obsession. This week, 100 Words On... the joy of a new calendar as a celebration our opposing impulses.

There comes a point in the early part of a new year when the mystical idealism of what-might-be-possible-in-this-new-season yields, necessarily, to the pragmatic quotidian reckoning of that-which-must-now-be-done. A new, blank calendar might be the only place where these two impulses—that of the starry-eyed-dreamer and the let's-get-down-to-business-do-er—not only tolerate each other but require each other. Dreaming big is actually a long game, one that requires not just faith, but perseverance, not just hope, but action. And action, at least for us, starts by putting it on the dang calendar. These—2022 Lunar, Desk, and Wall Calendars—are wide open.

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