The Foundry At Home: "Quarentales" With Heather- "In The Darkness Of The Night"

The Foundry At Home: "Quarentales" With Heather- "In The Darkness Of The Night"

It's simple: we're all at home, let's make it good....And what could be better than story time (where *you* are not responsible for doing the voices)!?

The Foundry At Home is our very own Foundry series of ongoing/daily/weekly/golly-well-as-long-as-it-takes activities designed and executed by our insane-amazing shop team to occupy your BRAIN and engage your BODY and help us all lean into the lovely moments of calm and beauty that are possible.


Today's activity, STORY TIME! Our resident librarian/ceaseless engine of positivity, Heather, (learn more about her here!), reads from one of our favorite books in the Foundry Family Children's Collection, "In The Darkness Of The Night".

A tale of the wild and wonderful sights, sounds, and sensations that happen after the sun goes down, this picture book is the perfect little story-time/afternoon breather for book-lovers of all ages.  "In The Darkness Of The Night", Enjoy!



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