Grateful, Thankful, and Giving Back

Grateful, Thankful, and Giving Back

This is a season of abundance and grace. We are reminded to give thanks, to celebrate the bounty of our tables, the blessings of warmth and home and security, and to celebrate the great gifts of being present in this big and beautiful world alongside the humans (and animals) that we love so dearly. Every year we partake in a wonderful, simple Thanksgiving ritual: we name the things for which we are truly grateful. Every time, this list always comes down not to things but to people. 

We are grateful for you, our dear Foundry community, for finding us as like-minded souls and supporting us both with your joy and the trust of your business. We are grateful for our friends, those brilliant ones who travel alongside us on this journey because they choose to. And we are grateful, always, for our families. Who gather around our tables and continue to weave together the generations-long fabric of shared history and possibility.


In this time of abundance (and to some extent against the creeping onslaught of DEALSDEALSDEALS that starts to inundate our worlds and our inbox around now) we have another ritual we partake in every year, one of giving back.


Our dear brother (from another mother) Jay—he's the one pictured above with the two fine birds, one an heirloom turkey and one the gentle dove we are lucky enough to call our sister, his wife, Katie Rose—was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer in 2013. He is now cancer free and is papa to two brilliant little girls, born from much love and many miracles.


This year, as in years past, we will donate a portion of our profits from Friday 11/29-Sunday 12/1 to benefit Rare Cancer Research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. We will also be donating a portion of our profits to Honor The Earth, a national Native initiative dedicated to creating awareness and support of Native environmental issues.


For our Jay-bird and his flock, for the healing that comes from hope, for a world full of possibility, promise, and justice, and for the nurturing that comes from generosity. 


Happy Thanksgiving.


p.s. For more meditations on strength, beauty, and gratitude, we recommend Jay's beautiful book of poems, "Bloom". 


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