A Note From Anna: On Our Decision To Stay "Closed" + Gratitude

A video check-in from Anna on what we're doing, how we're feeling, and how (very, very) much we love you all. Featuring: Anna's back yard on Nicollet Island, Ruby (of course), and a plane that happened to fly by.


After much soul searching, heart tugging, and Ruby snuggling: We have decided to continue to keep our Physical Foundry Shop doors closed for the foreseeable future. While this decision is not one we arrived at lightly, it is one of those hard-but-good decisions that just feels right (even though it breaks your heart a little while you're making it). We have been humbled, buoyed, and beyond impressed at the support—both emotional and economic—of our Foundry Community as we are all navigating these wild times together. We remain deeply, profoundly grateful.

We also acknowledge that being able to make this decision, to *choose* to protect our communities and keep our Staff and extended Foundry Family as safe as possible, is, itself, a great privilege. So many others do not have the freedom and flexibility that comes from generational prosperity and networks of support. To that effect, we are continuing our commitments—both through our new weekly Foundry Giving Friday initiative and our seasonal larger-scale Giving Weekends—in support of causes with a special focus on those doing the good work for the most vulnerable members of our Human Family. For your support in this as well we remain deeply, profoundly grateful.

We cannot wait until we can fling our shop doors open, let the sweet smell of beeswax, lavender, and clean linen come tumbling out into the world, put Turnip on the turntable and Ruby behind the bar, and all dance and cry and embrace—unhindered, together, safely, and with wild abandon. Until then, we remain deeply, profoundly grateful.


  1. Lillian Egner Lillian Egner

    Hi Joan, We do occasionally offer free shipping promos. Be sure to subscribe to our email list so you get notified about those!

  2. Danette Parr Danette Parr

    Anna and Foundry team: I know it had to be a hard call, but it’s smart. We need you, so we need you to stay safe. We’ll spend some time getting an order in this weekend for curbside. Stay well and take care! ❤️

  3. joan hines joan hines

    HI! Will you let me know if you ever have free shipping? I am in Nebraska. THanks!! Joan

  4. anita rivera anita rivera

    Dearest Anna and the Foundry staff,

    One of the highlights for me any time of the year but mostly in the summer, was to stroll into your shoppe, see Ruby and Turnip and to see YOU, dear Anna. This is heartbreaking for many of us who adore the small business community. I miss ambling into all my favorite small businesses, talking with you owners who have worked so hard to build your companies.

    I know that your expertise and compassion for your community members will carry you through these dark times. I will be watching to see when your doors open once again. Much love to all of you. Anita

  5. Jean Glenn Jean Glenn

    Anna, Ruby & gang! Thank you for the sweet video. I loved it & am sending you all the best including a big hug. I admire your decision. Look forward to more online browsing, shopping & to seeing you all again soon!

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