Brass Candle Holder Insert for Celebration Ring

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There are infinite things worthy of celebration. The usual big ones: birthdays, anniversaries, grand accomplishments, particularly excellent Wednesdays...but also smaller triumphs: the explosion of flowers in the meadow, the discovery (or re-confirmation) of the existence of fairies et al viz. the presence of fireflies, the first snow, cake...Ruby...Ruby eating cake. Any and all of those bright and beautiful occasions are better by candlelight. This sweet, simple brass candleholder...which fits our Old Mill Beeswax Tiny Taper/Menorah Candle *perfectly* AND is designed to either stand alone on its sweet little bottom OR nestle into the accompanying beautiful, modular "celebration" ring is just the ticket. Ideal for elevating cakes (or for building sweet little altars to your favorite thingsies).

About the line: Heirloom-quality toys lovingly hand-crafted in Germany in a small, family-owned workshop by elves, er, humans.

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