Celebration and Birthday Ring - Large - 12"

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There are infinite things worthy of celebration. The usual big ones: birthdays, anniversaries, grand accomplishments, particularly excellent Wednesdays...but also smaller triumphs: the explosion of flowers in the meadow, the discovery (or re-confirmation) of the existence of fairies et al viz. the presence of fireflies, the first snow, cake...Ruby...Ruby eating cake. This simple, beautiful, modular "celebration" ring is ideal for building little altars to any and all of these bright and beautiful occasions. Infinitely stock-able with any of the compatible celebration ring friends- a menagerie of animals, a meadow's-worth of flowers, numbers, letters a special insert that holds a card, photo, or important paper, or a simple brass candle holder (a must for safety and for flair that just so happens to fit our Old Mill Beeswax Tiny Taper/Menorah Candle *perfectly*), this set-up invites imaginative jubilation in all of its forms. Set the ring atop a cake (or around the base of a tower of cupcakes if that's your style), snake it down the center of a table, install it at child-eye-height on a beloved bookcase, split it up and put an arc in every room or give it a position of honor along a mantle. We could all stand to celebrate more, don't you think? 16"" in diameter. Celebration "friends" sold separately.

Take Care: These are made to last for generations. Drop it in the sandbox? Covered it in buttercream? Wipe down with a damp rag and they're good as new. Like with all woodenware, don't submerge for extended periods in water as it will absorb liquid.

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