January: A Love Letter To Quiet Triumphs

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January: A Love Letter To Quiet Triumphs

This time of year it's easy to get a feeling that January is/was some sort of one last chance at a fresh start. That if we had just made that list/bought that thing/started that regimen/or just stuck. with. it. (whatever "it" is) that we could be magically transformed into some best possible versions of ourselves, for once and for all. AND, that if by this time in the just-hatched year that we hadn't done any of that? Well, pffft. Missed it. NEW YEAR, NEW FAIL.

Now don't get us wrong, we are totally here for the grand gesture, the hopeful-possibility-of-quick-sweeping-change. But. We've been through enough seasons by now to know that real change happens little by little and that the best way to get there isn't by resolution-ultimatum or by establishing an arbitrary "succeed-by-date"... this is a month to start small, to weave moments of ease, beauty, and joy into the rituals of your days, to celebrate quiet triumphs.

Out at the farm, as the ground sleeps under its blanket of snow, it is the hen's time to shine. Every hen only lays one precious egg a day—no more, no less—and when days get shorter and colder, she will cease even this daily labor, pleased to marshal her strengths with her head under her wing in a warm coop. The hen knows what is up. And when the days pass the solstice and start, ever so subtly, to stretch their legs again, the universe notices. The hens once again begin their quiet daily triumph, satisfied to be back at something that feels right and good. TA dozen of these will find their way to you this month, yolks as golden as 4pm sunshine thanks to their free-wheeling range and 100% organic diet. There might be no greater or simpler joy than the yolk-moment of a perfectly cooked farm-fresh egg.

More joy in the day=more joy in the life. This is the essential way of The Foundry, and so January's share is all about the essentials. In addition to a Foundry CSA exclusive "snacking board"—with a specially crafted opening perfectly sized to cradle your daily luncheon egg—you'll also find Anna's (actual) everyday zen favorites, perfect tools and beauty-bringers to follow the arc of your days in a way that actually makes a difference to your overall satisfaction in a way that a fallow gym membership can't even begin to compete with.

Happy January, Members, we hope yours is restorative + peaceful and that you keep your head tucked under your wing as long as you need and that whenever you do come out, you do just one beautiful thing every day and may that be enough.

In community,
Anna, Lisa, Ruby, Oak, and the whole Foundry Family + Two Pony Crew


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