Swedish Sponge Cloth - Checked

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Be still our clean-loving hearts! This Swedish Sponge Cloth is, literally, everything. Engineered from a special, ultra-absorbent, sustainable material invented by a Swedish scientist in 1949, these classic sponge cloths get their magic from the simple, ingenious alchemy of all natural wood cellulose and cotton fibers. This blend makes the dish cloth softer and more absorbent than paper towels and cleaner and stronger than a sponge. From cleaning spills to polishing steel, this is your new go-to wiper for all surfaces and tasks. And, the modernist checked pattern looks super fresh in the kitchen.Run the sponge cloth under water to soften it, squeeze out excess water, and prepare to be amazed. Note: While these brilliant Sponge Cloths last a good long while, when it's finally time for them to go on up to the big sink in the sky, they are 100% compostable.

Take Care: Suited for use with just plain water or alongside the soap or cleanser of your choice, these cloths air dry quickly, making them inhospitable to bacteria and therefore...smells. If do you need to deep clean, though: they are machine washable, can be put in the top rack of the dishwasher, boiled, or microwaved for 60 seconds (when damp), and then hung to dry.

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