Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 Pencil - Gold

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We first encountered this wonder "pencil" when, visiting friends, their small children had penned a beautiful welcome message ON THE GLASS OF THEIR DOOR. We were (quietly) aghast, but after a quick primer on these miraculous doodlers we were 100% hooked. These stubby plastic-free, wood-housed cuties are packed with highly-pigmented sturdy and soft "lead" that acts like a colored pencil, wax crayon, or watercolor (!) all in one. Ideal for little hands to hold, almost impossible to break, easy to blend, and ideal for numerous applications, these are the perfect zero-waste addition to kiddo art-zone and grown-up arsenal alike. As mentioned, they are suitable for many mediums, including dark paper and glass, making them one of our faves for labeling jars and our Foundry Bulk Bottles. A little all-purpose cleaner and they wipe right off!

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