Shapely Swedish Goat Hair Makeup Brush

Article number: T2-23-F-08382
Availability: SOLD OUT , but we will be restocking the shelves in a shake of a lamb's tail!

The plump all-natural bristles of this svelte personal-care brush are so soft and supple they make us want to blush (or maybe that's just the perfect application of our favorite tint). Oil treated birch handle is the perfect length for applying rouge, highlighter, or dustings of powder, and can also be used for contouring.

Take care: to clean, mix a tiny bit of shampoo with water in the palm of your hand and carefully circulate the brush. When you are finished cleaning, gradually add more water and circulate until the brush is clean. Gently squeeze with a towel and allow it to dry laying down. Oil the handle with your if and when necessary with your preferred food-safe wood conditioner (we swear by Old Mill's All Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil Wood Polish, available right here at The Foundry), being sure to allow enough time for the wood to absorb the oil before its next use.

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