Sasawashi Bath Mat - Large - 22 x 30"

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Neutral and plush, tactile and functional, soft and sustainable, this is essentially a perfect bath mat. The secret? Sasawashi fabric. The ecologically friendly blend of washi (paper) and the abundant and naturally deodorizing fibers of the kumazasa bamboo tea plant, Sasawashi fabric has twice the absorbency of cotton and naturally prevents odors and mildew. Looks like sisal, feels like silk. The low-pile woven tufts play nice with wet feet and the non-slip back makes it the perfect place to stick your après bath landing. We give it a 10.

Note: This bath mat is nice and big (22" x 30") but has a low profile on the ground. This means that most in-swinging bathroom doors won't catch on it (something that drives us crazy about other floofier bath mats!). Good news for those of us with smaller bathrooms.

Take Care: While this mat's fibers naturally wick water and prevent mildew, if/when you do need to wash it, it's fine to throw it in the machine (cold with mild detergent, please). Hang flat to dry.

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