Set of 2 Portuguese Barro Negro Handmade Baking Dishes -10" and 8" D

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The mineral-rich soil of central Portugal has made it a mecca for hand-crafted earthenware for hundreds of years. Barro Negro means "black mud" and the gorgeous, rich color of these ceramics is all natural and left unglazed. While we love the aesthetics of its stealth matte black look for its own sake, this unglazed finish also makes these gorgeous baking dishes able to withstand pizza-oven-temps. Let that dough rise in a *very* warm place. Seriously. 10"D x 2"H and 8"D x 2"H

Take Care: Give these special pieces a little TLC and they'll last a lifetime. Natural earthenware is particularly porous, so handwash and go easy on (or skip) the soap. If you live in a particularly dry climate/apartment (or are using it in the oven) consider soaking your flameware in water before use. The clay will absorb the water and release it in the oven. Use wooden utensils when cooking and non-abrasive scrubbers when cleaning.

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