Pallares Long Tongs for Firewood

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Hand-forged from durable steel, these tongs have an ingenious easy-scissor action for gripping and positioning logs while the generous length keeps hands safely distanced from molten coals. A fire-lovers friend, we often find ourselves using these in both their open and closed form for stoking, stirring, and perfectly resettling embers. Ideal for indoor fireplaces and outdoor flame situations alike. 19 2/3"

About the line: Exquisite hand-forged blades and tools, crafted and honed in a 100+ year old workshop in Solsona, Spain. The blades are made in the same manner than they have been for over 400 years, tempered with blessings to Saint Eligius, the patron saint of knife makers. The resulting tools are beautiful, easier to hone, slower to dull, and precision sharp for generations-plenty of time to search for the Six Fingered Man.

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